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An integration with Precision Payments means you’re part of our team, growing with us. We offer you the tools you need to securely, reliably and easily integrate with Precision Payments. Both you and your clients will benefit from our high-tech development stack and high-touch customer service. Plus, you can generate more revenue through our referral partnership program.

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Software Integration Partner

Whether you need a “plug and play” connector to a leading ERP, CRM, custom e-commerce or EMV solution, or a multi-faceted digital platform with complex processing and payout requirements, we’ve got it covered. With Precision Payments, you have access to our dedicated analysts for support, testing, and certification. They work with you, assisting throughout the integration.

Help your customers move to online payments or become EMV-ready with out-of-scope configuration options that separate the POS from the card data and authorization processes.

Software Referral Partner

When you join, we’ll assign you a dedicated business development team member who can assist in generating additional revenue through our referral partnership program.

Precision Payments offers several services to help you and your clients grow your business. We provide referral partnerships for EMV / online payments, ACH, capital, payroll, billing solutions and customer engagement tools.

Our industry-leading customer service advocates are in the United States and regularly answer calls in 10 seconds or less. There are no phone trees to navigate, and we proudly offer multi-lingual support.

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