About Us

KTS was founded with a vision of changing the face of the IT training industry! 

We set out to build a solution that provides the best possible training experience as required by today’s IT professionals.  Our primary focus is to incorporate outstanding technical delivery and hands on training that would not only meet, but surpass the needs of today’s demanding Information Technology business sector.  Your personnel will experience a fully immersive training solution providing maximum knowledge transfer and retention in an accelerated time frame. This ensures our students achieve their objective of certification training. Also leaving your personnel with the knowledge of how to apply those skills in a real world setting. We offer specialized courses in a variety of training solutions whom we are partnered with, including Microsoft and CompTIA. Attend one of our public training events or bring our solution to your location. The result is a business that evolves as technology evolves!

Angela Ellingsworth - President & CEO

Angela is a life long entrepreneur of several successful businesses and over the years has proven her expertise in a variety of industries. She enjoys leveraging her knowledge of strategy development to help corporations accomplish their goals. She is an accomplished professional with nearly 15 years related strategic sales experience. She has a proven track record building high-performing cross-functional teams and implementing strategic marketing campaigns.